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Our experts bring with them the qualifications to provide reliable evidence-based opinions in a legal setting, whatever your case may require.


We vet each and every one of our experts to make sure that they are ready to testify in a court of law or be deposed.


We build strong working relationships with our experts and work closely with them to ensure that all your legal deadlines are met without stress or hassle.



Sutton Pierce understands that each of our clients has their own specific set of needs and requirements. We work diligently to meet your needs.


Superior experts

Diligent service

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Sutton Pierce connects experts in a variety of fields with the legal teams who need their services.


Leveraging our diverse database of experts, Sutton Pierce can provide any law firm with the outside expert insight they need for a wide variety of cases. We vet our experts to make sure they are prepped for any legal setting and that their credentials are sterling. From efficient scheduling support to providing direct access to our experts, we ensure that our clients seamlessly get the expertise they need.

Sutton Pierce is always recruiting and adding best-in-class experts from a wide variety of disciplines to our database. We work hard for our experts, ensuring that they get the administrative support they need to make legal consulting as easy as possible for them. We strive to maximize the added revenue for our experts' practices, while minimizing the amount of work required by the experts themselves. 

Sutton Pierce serves the entire country.

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