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What We Do

We find you top expert witnesses matching your every criteria.

At Sutton Pierce, we connect legal teams with our diverse database of highly credentialed and experienced experts, delivering the highest level of professionalism, expertise and reliability.

Our Services


Our Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) offer an objective assessment of an individual's medical condition, conducted by certified medical experts. We provide comprehensive evaluations, thorough reports, and expert testimony to support personal injury claims and more.


Our Peer Review service provides a meticulous examination of medical records, treatment plans, and diagnostic reports by seasoned healthcare professionals. We offer comprehensive assessments to help you uncover critical insights and make informed decisions in medical malpractice and healthcare-related cases.


Our Record Review service involves a detailed analysis of relevant documents, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and the identification of key information. Our experts meticulously examine medical records, financial documents, or technical records, providing you with a clear understanding of the facts to strengthen your legal strategies and uncover any discrepancies.


Our Bill Review service offers a thorough examination of financial documents, invoices, and billing records by seasoned experts in finance and accounting. We provide detailed assessments to help uncover discrepancies, assess claims, and make informed decisions in your legal cases involving financial disputes or billing disputes.


Our On-Site Visits service entails sending our seasoned professionals to relevant locations for in-person investigations and assessments. These visits provide invaluable first-hand insights, crucial to building strong cases, and supporting your legal strategies in various contexts.

Portfolio of Expertise

Sutton Pierce offers a wide-ranging portfolio of the highest quality expert opinions, consultations and testimonies, having built a network of reputable experts to assist hundreds of law firms nationwide. Ask us about expert witness services for:

  • Litigation Experts

  • Defense Experts

  • Plaintiff Experts

  • Legal Experts

  • Retain Experts

  • Med-Legal Experts

  • Orthopedic Experts

  • Spine Experts

  • Life Care Planning

  • Engineering Experts

  • Habitability Experts

  • Personal Injury

Let's Work Together

No matter the complexity of your legal case, our expert witness services are designed to provide you with the specialized knowledge and insights needed to achieve successful case outcomes. Sutton Pierce is your trusted partner — we’re on standby to assist you.


Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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